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Business Transformation

We make business transformation happen for you!

Do you envision that your business could grow exponentially and be a new revolution? Do you wish that you could get past just simple, incremental progress?

At I&S consultants we believe that business transformation is not merely a jargon, but that it is real! In order to scale your business in the constantly changing market, we help you make fundamental changes such as digital transformation, automation, people practices, and more. This empowers your business, your people, and you to enhance customer satisfaction, and your business as a logical result.

Our roadmap for your business success


Business Consultancy

Our core strength is business consultancy. In our consultations we work closely with the leadership team, to identify business problems. We conduct independent research, provide insights, suggest solutions, and even help you implement these solutions, if you need us to.


Business Startegy

At I&S consultants, we strongly believe that consultancy manifests through strategy. A well-defined strategy is the output that we draw from business consultancy. Simultaneously it is the driver for growth. We bring diverse, extensive, and in-depth expertise in helping you create a robust strategy for your business.


Change Management

Sometimes businesses need to embrace some amounts of change, before they are transformation ready. As independent business consultants, we also discern whether our clients need to undergo change or are they already ready for transformation. We identify areas where your business might need significant change, and help you bring that change about.


Business Process

A timeless leadership wisdom goes thus, “The process works if you work the process”. Often companies struggle to adopt change, to go through the steps needed for transformation. Even more often, they struggle to ensure that the change sticks. While the initial results are achieved, the consistency of the transformational output is missing.


Alternative Technology

Technology is not just about machines or productivity. It is also about responsibility, sustainability. Irrespective of the business you are in, there is always scope to reduce your footprint. As your business consultant, we are equipped to help you create business models that are environment-friendly.


Business Crisis Management

“A good leader leads well all the time. A great leader leads well in crisis!” Leaderships skills are tested the most in a crisis. At I&S Consultants, we are not just your fair-weather consultants. We are your partners through and through. We ensure that we help you ride over any possible crisis, by creating right answers for your problems, in moments that are critical.