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People Management

Building Business Through People

Efficient business leaders are aware that their people are one of the key drivers of growth. As your business consultants, we unlock the leadership potential in you and your team.

 We help you identify the right skills and abilities for key roles. We help you shortlist and select the right candidates and then we mentor and coach your leadership team. We coach you to take care of everything that needs to be taken care of, in order to unleash your full potential.

Our roadmap for your business success


Leadership Training &

This process is designed to upskill everyone, including you and your leadership team. While the junior functions maybe more skill-driven, leadership needs constant evolution. As your business grows, your leadership needs will also change. As your strategic business consultants, we ensure that you’re always one step ahead.


People Structure

Irrespective of the size of your business, defining clear roles, and reporting structure always help. Different organizations and businesses need different kinds of people structure. As an independent business consultant, we are able to help you create a people structure or organisation structure that works for you.


Compensation Benchmark

It is important to ensure that your people feel rewarded appropriately. This reflects not just in paying them the industry benchmarks, but also ensuring that their compensation plans are designed in a manner that motivates them to go beyond the norm. It is also important that your compensation plans and benefits are not ridden by any unconscious biases or pay gaps.


Policy Framework

Irrespective of the people, their roles, and their reporting, clear policies are important. At I&S consultants, we believe that one of the core components of management consultancy is diligent and clear policies. We help you create policies that lead to minimal ambiguity, optimal people management, and time management.


Skill Mapping

In this service, we help you compare and map the gaps between the current skills and output of your employees, with the desired skillset and output. This allows you to identify gaps if any, plan timely and proactive training interventions.


Metrics & KRA

Once you have the right people in appropriate roles, as your independent management consultants, we help you design systems to measure their performance. We also help you create a suitable compensation, and career management strategy for various roles and personnel.