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Robust Process

Excel Your Business With Our Robust Processes

At I&S, our management and business consultancy practice ensures that we help our clients with end-to-end solutions. This includes not only strategy and execution, but also creation of robust, viable, and long-term systems. We want to ensure that the systems we help you create for your vision are designed with a long-term vision and are sustainable.

Using Processes to accelerate your business

Efficient and robust processes are necessary to drive results and excellence. Hence, we work with you to identify clear objectives and specific business goals. We help you design SOPs that accomplish these goals with consistent and efficient results on an ongoing basis. We also help you monitor the results and keep improving the processes on a regular basis.

Roadmap For Your Business Success


Process Design

This is the stage where we create a plan of action for you. We design processes that drive business efficiency and excellence.


RCA (Root-Cause Analysis)

In this process, we dive deeper into your business problems. We try to understand the real causes behind these problems and use the insights to create solutions to these problems.


Gap Analysis

We assess the gap between actual business outcomes and the expected outcomes. As a result, we are able to accurately identify the current limitations, bottlenecks and gaps.


Process Implementation

In this stage we implement the processes that we design with you. We test and evaluate these processes real time to improve and customize them for long-term sustainability.


Process Evaluation

This stage is about evaluating the new outcomes against the previous. We work with you to audit the efficiency of the processes. We also evaluate if we need to improve or streamline the process while keeping in mind your immediate as well as long term business needs.


Ongoing Improvement

This is about ensuring that there is systematic and consistent improvement in the outcomes of the business. We not only document the changes and progress, but we also ensure consistent improvement in business efficiency.